The Last Post

We all face that day when it’s your last. The last game, the last day, or the close of one door only to open another. This will be my last blog post for a while. I certainly will miss writing on this blog but as of now  this is my last blog post. I chose to start this blog because I join AP Lang and we were forced to write for a grade we had to write three blog post every week equal to 1200 words.

Writing about sports got me looking into a future of helping athletes with physical therapy and personal training. Leading to one door closing with these blog post to open the future. I hope that one day I will think about continuing the blog post to help other athletes and for others to learn and decide if sports are really for you. It also help me by not being afraid of writing it front of people. I hated to share my writing with anyone and now from this I feel more comfortable writing to the  public.

Being my last blog post I want to recap the whole year with blog posts. At first I had no idea what I was doing. It felt like I was summarizing a game or doing news not so recent that I only cared about. It change I soon began writing the blogs because I found what I was interesting in with the sports and that was the athlete itself. My favorite blog post that I remember I will miss not writing but I know I will always love sports and writing these blog post prove it. When I got tired of doing work this was something that I could do when I didn’t want to do other school work because it was something that I love doing.

Goodbye I’m happy that I’m done with writing blog post, because when I write again it will be for the future. When  I can help myself with advice and help others with it as well its the greatest benefit I can offer. This isn’t a goodbye it’s the beginning of a new door that I can’t wait to open. Goodbye readers thank you so much for reading my blog post. I hope and I know that I will write again. Soon with more to share and to think about when it comes to sports.


NBA Western Finals

The seventh game of the western conference will happen tonight. Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder this game will determine who will face the Cleveland Cavillers in the final. I will like to hope that Oklahoma City will win but with Golden State playing at home with their crowd it will make it twice as difficult to defeat him.

What will it take for the OKC to defeat the Warriors is their top two players have to be  team leaders again scoring giving assist, they cannot however play hero ball and to go one on one and expect to win the game to make it to the finals. Stephen Jackson a former NBA player. Shared and talk about Kevin Durants play after game six  and that his lack of effort and team leadership leading to the lost at Oklahoma in game six.  I think Oklahoma needs a leader and if you don’t have one you will miss your chance to get to the finals again. They also need every player to play at their best for the whole game, and to not have long periods of not playing defense and not scoring.

What does Golden State Warriors need to do to get the chance of back to back finals. They need to play like their capable of playing what we need to witness needs to happen except that their captain Stephen Curry has to show up for the whole game. They have to have the Splash Brothers and the team behind them. They cannot however give up and think that they are capable of winning this game just because MVP Stephen Curry is on the team. They need to work together bench and starters.

It will be a fun and interesting game to watch with it being game seven. I imagine that this will be a game that will be faught till the last.  With both teams not ready for their season to be over and to be so desperate into getting into the finals. I would like to wish both of these teams good luck one will face sadness and one will face happiness when the game is over. Both of teams deserve to make it to the finals. They  both have work hard this whole season putting in the time of effort to get to this spot. I will be watching tonight to cheer both of these teams on.

The Blackhawks

I usually don’t watch hockey but on Saturday I was in Chicago and I was able to watch an amazing and an exciting hockey game with the Chicago Blackhawks vs. the St. Louis Blues. Down 3-1 in the first quarter with a lot of people thinking that the Blackhawks season was going to be over. The Blackhawks faught back and was able to dominate the second quarter to score three goals, and with just   a quarter left they manage to extend their lead and stop the Blues from scoring leading to  a six to three victory. Guaranteeing a game seven that so many fans were worried that wasn’t going to happen after being down two and then manging to score three goals and later pulled a huge victory.

With having to face difficulties  with one of their best players out  on a one game suspension it was amazing to see the Blackhawks manage to pull a win. Hopefully we can see them play a great game seven on Monday and that will determine if they will continue to play. The Blackhawks need to  continue to play well because if they play well I can see them hold up their back to back Stanley Cup. In the video below you will see a recap of the game in the first quarter when they started out well but how they gave it up and enable the Blues to have hope. Then when it gets to the second quarter you are able to see them have spirit and determination making it quite clear that they are ready to battle and that they will not give up without a fight, and their continuing to work together after every time they score brought them the victory that they so desperately needed. This win will also help them in game seven all they need to do is compete and  play the whole game.

Good luck to the Chicago Blackhawks hopefully they can continue their goal to play for the Stanley Cup and pull out a win in game seven for themselves and the city for Chicago to keep themselves alive. I’m so looking forward to see them on Monday and I can determine that they will play their best hockey and will continue to play and to fight in each game and holding up the Stanley Cup. Can’t wait to watch and see more hockey games.

The Conversation That Matters Most

We don’t think about the last few days when we are gone. However in a source written by Atul Gawande a doctor who wrote this in the Slate Publication called “” The Conversation that Matters Most.”” Go into detail about life and death by having Gawande go into a story about one of his patients who unfortunately passed away. This patient really affected and made the Doctor  Gawande happy because he  was able to witness and make her own choices that meant the most to her in the final days. Also she showed him for one her will and how even though she was dying she still kept smile on her face. It showed the way to get through death is to think back to the happy memories, and also by making peace with God and everyone else he was amazed and happy to see that she accepted her fate.

I would say that the book When Breath Becomes Air is very similar to this article “”The Conversation that Matters Most”” because it dicusses morality and the fact about death and how the last few days and getting an understanding of it. It also brings into detail about the story of two people about the last few days one with a doctor and one with a patient who knew their end was their but what do they do they think about the morality of life and death and all the happy memories they have had up to now. However the difference between the two is from a doctor telling the story compare to a patient telling the story. Both readings are very sad but it makes you think about living and that we should always think of the happy memories even if your not  dying.

I was glad that I was able to read this article and the book because I continue to see the similarity between the two, and I happy to see that more people have wrote about this topic since it’s a tough topic to write about unless you get to witness it everyday or you went through death and both of these authors did have to get use to death with being a doctor. Hopefully you will read either the book or the essay because it will really show the understanding of morality and how to get through if your the one that’s dying or you know someone that is I strongly recommend you read these two to form an understanding.


Eighteen or Thirty

How can you get away with breaking a law? News just came saying that a thirty year old Johnathan Nicola a South Sundanese immigrant  fake his age to eighteen and move to Canada in order to play in a high school basketball league. It was later discovered when the service agency discover that this so called eighteen year old was older than any player on the court he was detained and will most likely get his visa terminated.

My question is why and how he could possibly think of doing this and how he could get away with this? Maybe he wanted to do it because he needed to feel like he is the best at something and feel like he is important , so competing against high school students and beating them would help in his confidence. Or their might be something wrong with him and he couldn’t accept the fact that he was old and could no longer do what he wanted and play basketball and also it could help him feel like he is young again. How he could get away without looking like he is thirty and with no responsiblities and staying with his coach I would think someone would notice. My guess is that he manage to do things with his skin and body and with a fake birth certificate no one would say anything.

I will never understand what he could possibly think of to make him do this is he not ready to accept his age, or was it for other reasons like to get the feeling that he could redo mistakes he made in high school by just going some where to redo the mistakes he made when in high school. I don’t what will happen to him the school and the basketball team. Hopefully he will get help and be preventing to go anywhere in order to make sure he never does it again. I just hope that schools learn from this mistake that this Catholic school made and by checking certificates and other ways this migh have been easily avoided.

I hope that we will see this case go through and that maybe we will see the justices and the wonder what a person could possibly think. That’s the reason you should follow the rules because it can’t only hurt you but it can hurt the people around because many could think that the team knew something about it and it also could effect the school as well.

Boston Marathon

We will always remember the bombing of the Boston Marathon from two years ago we didn’t really no what to expect with this years Boston Marathon that happened over this past weekend. I got the chance to watch a lot of runners on the news however no one could expect a finish like this. Lemi Berhanu Hayle a 21 year old male that lives in Ethiopia out ran the two time winner in the male divisions and later in the day an Ethiopia women Atsede Baysa won the women’s division after coming back from behind. Marking it to be the first time that Ethiopia won both the men and women’s division.

To be a marathon runner you have to be willing to workout everyday, have endurance,  and the heart of wanting to do this everyday whether your training constantly or eating that healthy meal everyday. The goal of a marathon is to improve your times everytime and being able to push through the toughest conditions. To hear what these two did to win this race was amazing.  Espically the Ethiopia women Atsede Baysa she was behind the pack of the four top women the whole race but within the last fee miles she manage to take the lead making this her greatest victory for a marathon runner.

Its certainly exciting to see two people that  have not won big marathons win as big as the Boston where everyone competes. They show what dedication and determination and the willing not to quit. They showed by winning the marathon what you are capable of doing. Who knows maybe we will see other competitors shock people just like they did. Now I believe from these two that maybe I could even try  a marathon and know if I train hard and I’m dedicated who knows what will happen. It also shows  where it could take athletes and future athletes as well if they put the effort and the dedication in it. Congratulations to both runners and hopefully  you will get the chance to watch them and see them run the race on the internet like I was able to. I also hope that you get the chance to run the race as well.

When Breath Becomes Air

What would you do if you knew that you were dying and it was going to be your last day. Would you write a book about your life well that’s what Paul Kalanithi is writing in his book “When Breath Becomes Air”” and it really focus on knowing your going to die but making everyday count before it happens. When I was told that I had to pick a book for my English class at first I didn’t really care however after reading its first little bit I love it . The book is making me ask and think about a big question morality and what is life worth living and like other authors like Atul Gwande and “”Being Mortal”” talking about how we can’t look towards the science that we need to make everyday worth something and have a moral when it comes with dying.

The book is about a Neurosurgeon name Paul Kalanithi who knew the path that he was going to go down then his life change when he develop cancer and he now doesn’t have years but a short amount of time left. I was able to relate not on the cancer side but about changing because he is like many people when it comes to changing a path way.  Whether an athlete or not a lot of time you know exactly what your going to do only to find out that can change in an instance whether you want to or not.

For me this teaches the fact that everyday I will get to wake up and get to play what I love everyday. There are people that are out there that aren’t so lucky and I need to think about what life is worth just like in this book. I also think that by talking about sports I just need to be thankful and I will never quite realize the amount of struggling a person has to deal with when it comes to dying and living your last days like they more something. I want  to thank the book and the other essays by other authors for teaching me to make everyday your last.

What does this book have to do with my topics in my essay is all athletes and people hit the moment when they are ready to be done. You just need to think of others and the struggling people face everyday. I’m exciting to finish the book and realize more life lessons that come with when your ready to die. Here is what others have to say about the book. What they have learn from the book these are some of my favorite quotes listed below.